Meet the main actors behind Zagreb SEO Summit, the biggest SEO conference in the region.

  • Krešimir Ćorlukić

    Krešimir Ćorlukić is the CEO and co-founder of The Canonical SEO Agency, as well as one of the main three organizers of Zagreb SEO Summit.

    He also manages and frequently contributes to the largest SEO community in the region, SEO Hrvatska, which boasts 2,500 members.

    His professional journey includes several leadership positions at major media corporations, top digital marketing firms (regional and international), and various other enterprises.

    Krešimir is also active in sharing his expertise by speaking at conferences and organizing SEO-focused meetups and events.

  • Tin Đudajek

    Tin Đudajek is an amateur footballer and professional SEO expert from Croatia with almost a decade of experience in search engine optimization under his belt.

    He is also the co-founder of The Canonical SEO Agency and Zagreb SEO Summit.

    He doesn’t want to be one of those people that say ‘SEO is a way of life’ or ‘SEO is a passion’ but he truly enjoys his work and I is thrilled to be learning and exploring the field every day.

    He advocates a holistic approach to digital projects so his analysis usually spans waaay beyond what some would consider the domain of SEO.

  • Filip Đudajek

    Filip Đudajek is the CFO and co-founder of The Canonical SEO Agency, which is the organizer of the Zagreb SEO Summit.

    He mostly spends his working time in the company dealing with numbers, but he is also in charge of some clients, which he gladly does.

    He spends his free time on football pitches where he tries to prevent opposing attacks as much as he tries to lead the company on the path to financial stability.


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