Here's who'll be speaking or holding a workshop (or even both) at Zagreb SEO Summit:

Sarah Presch - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Sarah Presch

Digital Marketing Director for Dragon Metrics

More about Sarah Presch

Michelle Linder

Community Manager @ Ahrefs

More about Michelle Linder

Krešimir Ćorlukić

CEO @ Canonical SEO Agency

More about Krešimir Ćorlukić

Alex Galinos

Head of SEO @ hoppa

More about Alex Galinos
Nedim Šabić

Nedim Šabić

Owner @ BigBurg GmbH

More about Nedim Šabić
Marko Pačar - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Marko Pačar

Co-Founder @ Granular Group

More about Marko Pačar
Emilija Gjorgjevska - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Emilija Gjorgjevska

Senior Product SEO Engineer @ MediaMarktSaturn

More about Emilija Gjorgjevska
Vanda Pokecz - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Vanda Pokecz

SEO Lead @ Global Savings Group

More about Vanda Pokecz
Jes Scholz - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Jes Scholz

Organic marketing consultant and SEO futurist

More about Jes Scholz
Helene Jelenc - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Helene Jelenc

SEO Consultant @ Flow

More about Helene Jelenc

Dan Petrovic

director of DEJAN

More about Dan Petrovic
Davor Bomeštar - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Davor Bomeštar

CEO @ Fortis Agency

More about Davor Bomeštar

Gaetano Romeo

International SEO expert & WhitePress® brand ambassador

More about Gaetano Romeo
Bojan Basrak - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Bojan Basrak

Senior Web Analyst @ CMG Digital

More about Bojan Basrak
Mads Singers - Speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Mads Singers

CEO @ Mads Singers Management Consulting

More about Mads Singers
Fery Kaszoni - speaker at Zagreb SEO conference 2024

Fery Kaszoni

CEO @ Search Intelligence

More about Fery Kaszoni
Robert Perković - predavač na Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Robert Petković

Founder @ Analytics&Co.

More about Robert Petković
Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum

CEO @ MobileMoxie

More about Cindy Krum

Kyle Roof

creator of PageOptimizerPro

More about Kyle Roof

Lily Ray

VP of SEO Strategy and Research at Amsive Digital

More about Lily Ray


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