Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum

EEAT Your Soup: Understanding How Engagement Impacts Quality Evaluations

Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines mention E-E-A-T 100+times but Google representatives have said that EEAT is not a ranking factor. What does that mean, and how should SEO’s think about EEAT when trying to evaluate success?

This presentation gives a new perspective about how Google potentially outsources quality evaluations to the crowd, using click data to understand how users are evaluating quality, and looking for content that mirrors those signals.

After this session, you will have a better understanding of how E-E-A-T applies in the real world, and which steps you can take to ensure you are doing the right things to drive rankings.

About Cindy

Cindy Krum is the Founder & CEO of MobileMoxie (previously Rank-Mobile). She has been bringing fresh and creative ideas about SEO & ASO to consulting clients and digital marketing stages around the world since 2005.

She regularly speaks at national and international trade events, and launched MobileMoxie in 2008 to address mobile-specific marketing needs within the traditional digital marketing specialty.

Cindy’s leadership helped MobileMoxie launch the first mobile-focused SEO toolset, to help SEO’s see what actual mobile search results & pages look like from anywhere and preview and analyze mobile landing pages from the perspective of a user and a bot; Now, free versions of both the Page-oscope and the SERPerator are also available to all digital marketers as two easy to use Chrome Extensions.



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