Davor Bomeštar

Davor Bomeštar - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

How to Scale SEO Content Without Sacrificing Quality

This presentation reveals strategies and practical tips for scaling top-notch SEO content. Learn how to maintain and even enhance quality while ramping up production, ensuring you’ll create SEO content that both users and algorithms will love!

About Davor

Davor Bomeštar is a veteran in the world of digital marketing, whose passion for SEO has been enduring since 2007. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, he is the founder of three marketing agencies and currently heads the SEO agency Fortis Agency.

Throughout his career, Davor has led SEO campaigns for over 200 companies worldwide, with extensive experience in the American market. One of his successes includes assisting an American tech firm in achieving up to 8 million clicks monthly.

He has experience in various SEO areas, including local SEO, affiliate SEO, link building, and working with eCommerce companies in earlier stages of his career.

Currently, he specializes in SEO content strategies and has focused on working with B2B SaaS startups for the past five years, helping them penetrate the global market.

Moreover, Davor is also a passionate educator, sharing his knowledge on LinkedIn, through lectures, and as a mentor in startup incubators such as Bird and ZICER.


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