Emilija Gjorgjevska

Emilija Gjorgjevska - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

SEOntology: The basis for next-gen SEO

Exploring the world of SEOntology, the cutting-edge framework developed in collaboration with WordLift, designed to revolutionize how we tackle SEO challenges and pave the way for next-generation SEO solutions.

At its core, SEOntology is a meticulously crafted ontology tailored for structuring SEO data, offering unprecedented clarity and accessibility.

This framework empowers marketers and developers by automating SEO tasks, enhancing efficiency, and enabling the creation of agentic AI applications that can adapt and optimize digital content in real-time. Join us at SEOntology to discover how you can transform your SEO practices and drive your marketing success to new heights.

About Emilia

Emilia specializes in end-to-end martech data-driven software and development processes, technical copywriting, and data analysis.

Her work has focused on scaling processes and communities, implementing scalable analytics, and optimizing strategies.

Due to her work, she has received awards multiple times and has been recognized in various ways by Google, IEEE, British Council, Nesta, The University of Texas at Austin, The World Bank, Pioneers, FCSE Skopje, and various media outlets.

She is currently a Senior Product SEO Engineer at a large German company, MediaMarktSaturn, and is soon to be a master of Intelligent Systems, focusing on technical marketing and generative AI.


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