Fery Kaszoni

Fery Kaszoni - speaker at Zagreb SEO conference 2024

Reactive PR Link Building

In this lecture, Fery will be going over how to hijack the news to obtain top-tier links in absolutely any niche you can think of.

About Fery

Fery Kaszoni is the owner of the largest Digital PR agency in the world, Search Intelligence Ltd, based in Oxfordshire, UK.

Fery has taken the agency from just 2 employees in 2020 to 90+ employees in 2024, hyper-scaling revenues from £100K annually to £5.5 million annually in just three years.

From a young twelve-year-old boy who set up a laboratory in the attic of his family home and placed listening devices in every room, to the owner of dozens of websites, Fery freely shares his “secrets” and knowledge on LinkedIn and other channels.

He is mostly known for his humorous parodies related to his Digital PR case studies, but also for his expertise in SEO, digital marketing, programming, technology, PR, and numerous other topics.


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