Jes Scholz

Jes Scholz - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

SEO in the Gemini Era: How to Dominate AI-Powered Search

As the future of search unfolds with large language models like Gemini powering AI Overviews, traditional SEO needs an upgrade. Join Jes as she demystifies how to optimise for Google’s “Gemini Era”, providing actionable steps to earn visibility across the entire Google ecosystem, including generative AI surfaces.

About Jes

Jes Scholz is an organic channel consultant and “SEO futurist” from Australia.

She crafts strategies for organic channel growth focused on entity optimization, smart content distribution, and data-driven marketing.

She has been a speaker at numerous conferences such as MozCon, SMX Munich, SMX Advanced, NESS, Friends of Search, TuringFest, SearchLove, Typo3, HeroConf, BrightonSEO, Re:Commerce, and she won the SEO championship at the SEOktoberfest G50 Summit 2022.

She writes for Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Moz, and OnCrawl.


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