Kyle Roof

AI vs RhinoPlasty Plano: Does any of the old SEO knowledge apply to anything?

Kyle will discuss the pivotal SEO moment of Rhinoplasty Plano and what, if anything, still applies today.

About Kyle

Kyle Roof is most well known for discovering “secrets” hidden in plain sight: Google’s algorithm is just an algorithm. In other words, everything comes down to one thing – maths.

Kyle demonstrated this when he managed to rank first on Google for the incredibly difficult keyword “rhinoplasty” with nothing but Lorem ipsum.

He made over 400 scientific SEO tests to understand Googles algorithm better. By using that knowledge, he created the popular SEO tool PageOptimizerPro.

Because of his specific method of SEO testing, he even got an approved patent (US patent #10,540,263 B1)!

Kyle also shares his techniques in podcasts, at conferences around the world, and within the platform he co-founded, IMG, a sort of Netflix for SEOs with an active community aspect.


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