Marko Pačar

Marko Pačar - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

We Should All Be Friends: Making Peace Between SEO, Advertising, UX, and Branding

Working on web projects, especially large ones, can often become political, with various stakeholders pushing for changes that seem mutually exclusive on a strategic and administrative level. It’s often an “Us” versus “Them” scenario with little room for compromise.

Many of these problems stem from a lack of unified marketing vision, technical knowledge, and development strategy. With a strong background in SEO, Marko is now in charge of leading large-scale web projects, coordinating teams of developers, designers, content writers, advertisers, brand managers, SEOs, and more.

In this lecture, he will share tips for implementing a practical and strategic framework to ensure your SEO strategy aligns with others and vice versa.

About Marko

Marko Pačar is a co-founder and management consultant at Granular Group, a consulting and development agency with offices in Zagreb and Belgrade, as well as representations in Singapore and the USA.

As a consultant, he is responsible for leading strategic projects of business and business process digitalization, implementing strategy, and leading internal and external teams, with a special focus on e-commerce and inbound marketing activities.

His private and professional interests are primarily focused on information architecture through a combination of UX, content, SEO, and digital analytics, with a particular emphasis on e-commerce.

In SEO projects, he is mostly responsible for coordinating and mediating SEO and UX requirements, analyzing and defining taxonomy, and establishing SEO-friendly navigation.

He is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars and has been a longtime member of the eCommerce Academy and a member of the eCommAwards competition jury responsible for the SEO category.


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