Nedim Šabić

Nedim Šabić

Mother Link Juice: The Real Profit Launch Pad

Controlling link juice for big websites like online stores seems straight forward, but still an optimal link juice distribution is not often seen. Learn how to strengthen categories or products in an online store, why optimizing the use of your crawler budget impacts your link juice and what the best pagination for big sites is and how to decide what should appear on a homepage, the menu and the very useful prefooter in order to control how high you want to rank with a certain keyword (set) or it‘s landing page.

About Nedim

Nedim Šabić is one of the SEO pioneers in the Balkans, having professionally engaged in SEO for 23 years.

It all started in 2001 with work on his own affiliate projects, and by 2004 he was working as an SEO consultant for German companies. Today, he is counted among the most recognized SEO consultants in Europe.

Nedim operates in the German and domestic markets, and his references include German companies such as REWE Group, Crowdfox, Bosch, Porsche AG, thyssenkrupp, as well as domestic companies like Shoppster Serbia, SOLSEA, Agilitas, MojPosao, and AVALON.

Nedim lives and works in Stuttgart as the director of the SEO agency Bigburg GmbH, and in addition to working with clients, he manages his own web shops and sells his own digital products.

He is one of the co-founders of the largest regional conference for digital marketing, Konverzija, and a frequent speaker at SEO, digital marketing, and business conferences in Europe.

On top of all this, he finds time for work in education by running his own “SEO School”, which has over 8,000 participants!


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