Robert Petković

Robert Perković - predavač na Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Google Analytics 4 for SEO

Google Analytics is a tool that helps us evaluate the whole marketing strategy, where SEO usually is a significant factor. In his workshop Robert will show how to find out the impact of organic traffic in Google Analytics 4, how to prove that you are actually doing a good job and how to show visits from Google Discover in Google Analytics 4.

About Robert

With over 25 years of experience in the digital world, Robert is one of the most renowned figures in analytics, both in Croatia and beyond.

He has created some of the most visited websites in Croatia and has assisted numerous clients with complex analyses and conversion rate optimization.

Robert has a background in psychology, databases, web development, analytics and SEO which has equipped him with the perfect combination for success in his career.

Robert Petković is currently focused on implementing advanced Google Analytics interfaces via Google Tag Manager, aligned with Consent Mode and GDPR. He also focuses his attention to conversion rate optimizations, A/B testing, behavioral marketing, online-offline integrations, and SEO to ensure his clients enjoy maximum efficiency in their digital presence.

He frequently appears as a speaker at various conferences throughout the Europe and engages in various other forms of education and we’re delighted to have him on board.


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6 days left until the conference