Sarah Presch

Sarah Presch - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

Lecture: Confirmation Bias volume 2: Results of an experiment into what people are REALLY searching for / Workshop: An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods for SEOs

Lecture description

If you headed to BrightonSEO, you might have already got the rundown on what confirmation bias is and why it’s problematic. If you didn’t – Confirmation bias is the human tendency to only seek out information that supports someone’s position or idea. It impacts how people search, take in information, and how we SEO.

When people make informational searches they are phrasing their searches in a particular way to get the SERP they want without even being aware of the fact they’re doing it. And, they’re only reading content that supports their original stance. By understanding what conformation bias is and how it impacts search, SEOs can not only learn how to interpret things like keywords and search intent better, they’ll be able to do their part to fight misinformation that we’re seeing constantly in today’s digital world.

Building on from this, I did an experiment into how susceptible our industry is to confirmation bias, and I’ll be reporting the results for the first time in my talk.

Workshop description

It’s getting more and more common that people are doing SEO experiments. But are these experiments reliable? In my masterclass I’ll be teaching attendees some of the theory behind qualitative and quantitative research methods and covering practical how-tos that attendees will be able to take away and use in their own SEO research.

Using real scientific research methods, attendees will be able to gain trust with both clients and industry peers.

About Sarah

Sarah Presch is the Digital Marketing Director at Dragon Metrics, but prior to that, she worked as an iSEO consultant, assisting companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb, and Volvo with international SEO strategies.

She enjoys blending psychology with SEO, and as a bonus fact, she is the most followed SEO expert in the Czech Republic.

Sarah has spoken at numerous SEO conferences including BrightonSEO, SEOrestart, SEOPivo, LocWorld, TTT, GALA, SEOsquare, etc., and has appeared on several podcasts.

Additionally, she has several professional awards and achievements to her name:

  • European Search Awards Finalist
  • Irish Content Marketing Awards Finalist
  • Northern Ireland’s Young Business Personality – 2nd place
  • Think Global Finalist
  • Irish National Start-Up Awards – Silver


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