Vanda Pokecz

Vanda Pokecz - speaker at Zagreb SEO Summit 2024

At the intersection of SEO and Product: What is behind the SEO PM role

You may have heard about this still relatively rare title: SEO Product Manager. But what does an SEO PM actually do? Who can become one? What do they do? Does it even make sense for your company to hire an SEO PM or for you to become one? These are the type of questions and more that Vanda will aim at answering in her lecture, while also touching on more practical areas.

About Vanda

Vanda is the SEO Lead at Global Savings Group, a certified Digital Product Manager, and formerly a Senior SEO Product Manager.

She began her career with a comparison website, quickly expanding her expertise across all areas of SEO, and ultimately found her passion at the intersection of SEO and Product.

Vanda loves giving back to the SEO community by sharing her knowledge at conferences, events, and podcasts such as SMX München, brightonSEO, International Search Summit, and many others.


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